Black Aroma Diffuser

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Chariot is for the everyday adventurer, the introspective commuter, the individual that knows where they're going - as well as the one who's still figuring it out. While you're busy trying to get somewhere on time or reach a destination, commuting and traveling offers a meaningful time to go inward. The Chariot aroma diffuser is designed to inspire deeper self-reflection during these moments.

What's Included: Diffuser, Aroma Stone, Vent Clip, and Vegan Leather Cord (and a 15ml bottle of essential oil, if selected).

Eco-Conscious Design: 
The aroma diffuser is reusable and refillable. No need to throw away any of the components - just add more scent as needed.

Sustainable Materials: 
We chose durable, sustainable materials that are long-lasting and travel-ready. The diffuser is made of aluminum, recycled PET, vegan leather, and cork. 

Control and Refresh the Scent: 
Turn the semi-circle to control the scent level. When the aroma becomes too delicate, unhook the top frame and apply essential oil to the natural cork.

Ethical Aroma Ingredients: We only source from growers who have clear commitments to sustainable, ethical practices. Our scent ingredients are 100% pure, cruelty-free, and vegan.

On-the-Go: Chariot is made to be on the move. Elevate an epic road trip. Make a long flight calmer. Ease into your work day during your daily commute.

No Batteries or Plugs: Our diffuser never runs out of power because it uses natural evaporation. Just add a few drops to gradually and softly diffuse essential oils. 


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