We wanted to create tools that would not only elevate your travels, but also honor the land you traverse.

Chariot is committed to using sustainable and ethically-sourced materials with minimal waste. We carefully consider every element of our design and business, and take the time to find the most eco-conscious path forward. In addition to these practices, we also donate 1% of our gross sales to non-profits that support environmental initiatives.

Sustainable, Ethically-Sourced Essential Oils

Your natural air freshener should be uncomplicated - and so should the essential oils used within it. Chariot uses pure essential oils, which means every scent is au natural. All of our oils are either wild-crafted or organic and come from ethical suppliers. We make an effort to use oils that require less plant material (like Lavender and Eucalyptus and avoid plants (like Sandalwood) that are endangered and unsustainably harvested. 

Sustainable, Ethically-Sourced Materials

Every Chariot product is created with materials that not only feel good in your hands, but will also make you feel good about where the materials come from. We work with manufacturers and suppliers who share our values and have genuine commitments to sustainability as well as fair working conditions for their team.

Minimal Waste

Chariot products rank high in style and low in waste. No need to replace the interior aroma diffuser every time the scent needs refreshing - just add more essential oil as needed. You won't have to fuss with throwaway materials, one-time use packaging, or plastic clips.

No Synthetic Fragrances

We want every natural air freshener scent to evoke a time or a place for you - not an artificial or overwhelming smell. We use organic and wild-crafted essential oils so that you can rest easy knowing you are breathing in nature.

Committed to Giving Back

Chariot is committed to contributing 1% of gross sales to values-aligned organizations. If you work with a 501(c)(3) and would like to partner with us, please send a note at


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