Mixtape 001: SoulTrip

Transport yourself to a time when backyard barbecues and sharing stories with friends was paired with the sweet smell of warm nights and sticky skin. When you could take a sip of your buddy’s cocktail – even share a veggie burger! - and say goodbye with a big, tight hug. 


Oh, we just made ourselves sad. 

Summer is a little different this year and the barefoot, carefree season of only last year seems like a very, very distant memory. But, that’s where the power of scent and sound can help us relive better times - and help create new ones. 

Take a SoulTrip courtesy of our fellow nomads, Jessika and Justin Savage.  Jessika is a designer and entrepreneur with a penchant for roller skating, social justice, and Agent Scully. Justin is product manager-turned-software developer who builds genuinely awesome tech (ask him about the Sunsetter app).

Their mixtape includes tunes you roll the windows down to, the music you play as you cruise through the city streets, alive with the humming energy of summertime. It’s the sound that drowns out the cicadas and invites the fireflies to the backyard while dusk fades into night, as they twinkle along to the rhythm.

We suggest popping in this mixtape to chase the Covid-induced summertime blues away. Light up your favorite candle, soak in the scent, put your bare feet into the grass, and get ready for a SoulTrip.


Every month Chariot will feature a guest mixtape curated by a friend or colleague with a unique perspective and musical taste. Each mixtape is created by an individual or individuals who know the journey is just as important as the destination – and the music might be even more important.