Born On the Road, For the Road

Things are … weird right now, to say the least.

Regardless of your personal situation, norms have been disrupted and the year has taken a toll on most everyone’s health - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We’ve all found ways to cope: not sleeping enough, binging television, eating lots of junk food. Alternately, we’ve also found time for better habits such as daily exercise, drinking more water, and making time to reconnect with loved ones. But TBH, it’s a mixture of the good and bad - like relishing in a face mask and hair treatment while wearing the same sweatpants for a week straight. (Life is all about balance, right?)

This time has also encouraged the prioritization of mental health and recognizing that slowing down, resting, and meditating is just as important as being productive. We’ve found ourselves reaching for our natural essential oils to help facilitate a calming or uplifting atmosphere since… forever, but especially now.


Chariot is a sustainable and portable aroma diffuser that can be placed in a car,
at home, or on-the-go, to help create the environment of your choosing.

It got us thinking - wouldn’t it be lovely if we could bring the environment of our choosing with us wherever we went? Enter Chariot.

Born on the road, Chariot was conceived by our founder Elisabeth who lives nomadically around the world. When COVID-19 entered the scene and travel halted, it allowed us plenty of time to do the aforementioned great and not-so-great activities, but also the time to make Chariot a reality. The goal? Create a portable, sustainable air freshener that uses natural essential oils and is chic to boot.


Founder Elisabeth Hass was living nomadically when she conceived of Chariot.

Founder Elisabeth, pictured here in a Santa Fe casita, was living
nomadically when she conceived the idea of Chariot.

We wanted to transform your car decor into a personal oasis with natural essential oils, which would ultimately make any commute bearable, even - dare we say it? - enjoyable.

The Chariot car diffuser is our answer to the question, “Why isn’t my car more like a spa?” No, it won’t transform your vehicle into a steam room and a masseuse won’t magically appear, but it will feel like either of those things are within your reach… even when you’re in gridlock traffic or driving through cornfields during a road trip.


Chariot Aroma Diffuser Car Air Freshener

The Chariot aroma diffuser can be hung on a rearview mirror, as pictured above,
or attached to a car's air vent.

While we aren’t spending as much time in our car at the moment, the Chariot car diffuser is designed to extend that feeling of home through your everyday travels, or for those life-changing trips. A variety of sustainable, natural essential oils are available to use in our car diffuser - or you can use your favorite blend to transport you to that place of zen.

And if you’re a commuter that doesn’t care about car decor because you use public transit or get around via bicycle - you can place Chariot in your bag for an on-the-go experience.

Like we said, things are weird. But, Chariot can help maintain what you want your norm to be.

Your Chariot awaits.